For my big sister with ♡


Back from holiday with mixed feelings

I was super excited making my trip because I went to two places I always wanted to go but then when holiday arrived I always went to another place. This time it got so far. I went to Andalusia and Marrakech but my holiday was during a moment I actually almost wanted to cancel and will let you know why…

I asked my sisters what they wanted from my holiday like I always do and my big sister said: HERBS! Me and my big sister can’t do without herbs and spices. In most things we make there are spices and many herbs in it.

Right before I left my little sister called me that our big sister was in the hospital due to heart problems so the family went to the hospital. Later it was clear that she needed heart surgery and eventually a pacemaker.

Sidi Kaouki

Experiencing a situation like that was so hard and thank God for social media so I had contact all the time but every phone call and update during my time on holiday made me nervous.

And then I saw a shop with souvenirs in Morocco and my eye fell on this object I’m holding in this picture that made me not get the herbs anymore she wanted at first.

Tajine pan

I got her a beautiful tajine pan because I know my sister loves the kitchen, loves cooking. The seller wrapped it in paper and I left it like that but I promise I will post a picture with the pan in full glory!

But this situation made me think and makes me want to preach at  my sister more than I’m already doing, telling her how important it is to live healthy.

I don’t get too personal when it comes to social media but I think this is such an eye-opener not only for me, my big sis and the rest of our family but for everyone from which we all can learn


You may not smoke, you may not drink alcohol or use harddrugs (cocaine etc.) There is a lot of legal drugs for sale in your daily food store that even kids can buy so start reading ingredients of the food that you get at the supermarkets. My big sis will probably get mad at me mentioning this but she has way to much drugs (unheathy food as I call it) in house that makes me want to dump it in the trash can!

The sugars, artificial preservatives and other chemicals in products. These unhealthy ingredients make it literally hard for the good ingredients to make their way through your system and feeding your body.

Your organs, your body need good food to do their job. Sometimes effects of unhealthy lifestyle can come later in life and you may be young now, or think whatever I only live once but how great would it be to grow old healthy in stead of the other way around…


A pacemaker at the age of my sis is too young however these days you can live perfectly good with one so it isn’t so sad at all but I do need to tell the ugly truth and that is: if she had taken better care of her body their was a bigger change she would never needed it at all especially not at a young age.

Try to keep a healthy balanced life. Don’t feed the unhealthy food industry too much, don’t do everything with the car, try to sport or take a walk more often even if you don’t need to get out of the house and come on: shame on you if you live in a city with bikes and you never go with the bike.

Don’t think that it can’t happen to you, don’t think too YOLO but invest in your health because this is real talk. It could happen to you.

Even with this family drama my big sis is so full of energy like she never had surgery and I had to promise her to make the best out of my holiday what of course wasn’t so easy since my big sis and I are so close but I do have some video footage so a travel vlog is on the way… Beside Andalusia and Marrakech I also went to some other places in Spain and Morocco.

From Spain with love

For now lovely ones: take good care of your body and soul

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