Milkshake Festival 2016 (video)


For adults only

Hello everyone!

My first festival vlog as a festival reporter. YAAAY! There are more festival vlogs that I will publish pretty soon…

It’s Dutch but so easy to follow for my non-Dutch followers so feel free to watch and like, share or subscribe if you haven’t already. Sharing is Caring.

This is a report of the Milkshake Festival and believe me, I had it all: darkroom, vieze poezendek (English: dirty pussy stage 🙈), penis rodeo but also Levi’s was there to customize your denim, smoothies and juices, coconut bar and even veggie Greek gyros 😀(you know I’m always looking for healthy stuff as well 😉

A festival where everyone can be the person they want to be and show it. Milkshake is about being open minded, expressing yourself, self acceptance, showing your sexuality and not feeling ashamed of it so if you weren’t there, here your chance to experience it 🎉

Vlogging at festivals is a collaboration with Salto tv and Yelp.



Processed with Moldiv


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