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Festivals 2016

festivals 2016

Hi everyone,

Gladly I’m sharing the festivals I’ve been to this Summer! It’s Dutch but easy to follow for non- Dutch speakers as I don’t speak so much at all. Do let me know if you see something in the video you would like to no more about. Especially now with the Winter it’s a warm thing to reminisce about the Summer 2016 and think of festivals you would like to go to next Summer ;-).

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Milkshake Festival 2016 (video)


For adults only

Hello everyone!

My first festival vlog as a festival reporter. YAAAY! There are more festival vlogs that I will publish pretty soon…

It’s Dutch but so easy to follow for my non-Dutch followers so feel free to watch and like, share or subscribe if you haven’t already. Sharing is Caring.

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