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Stem je ook op mij voor de Vegan Awards 2020?

Stem je ook op mij voor de Vegan Awards 2020?

De vorige stemronde ging om pre-nominaties maar nu gaan we er echt voor! Jullie kunnen stemmen voor de Vegan Awards 2020 en dankzij de stemmen bij de pre-nominaties van het publiek (jullie stemmen!), ben ik officieel genomineerd in de categorie: Beste vegan socialmediacontent. Stemmen kan tot en met 31 oktober 2020. Via bijgaande link kom je op de pagina van de nominaties en ga je bij de categorie ‘Beste vegan socialmediacontent’, naar ‘Shair My World’.

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6 Things to think about when you’re into fashion

6 Things to think about when you’re into fashion

When I asked you all on Instagram stories which subjects you would like me to post about, fashion turned out to be the number 4 together with two other subjects, I will let you know later. For that reason, I will try to do more items about fashion since I love fashion as well! These days I look more in vegan and sustainable fashion. In this blog, I give you 6 things to think about when you’re into fashion. Lees verder “6 Things to think about when you’re into fashion”

Behind the scenes (prepping for the Nairobi Fashion Week)

Black Models

On 25 November 2016 designer Mariana Zinga showed her collection at the Nairobi Fashion Week in Kenya.

She asked me if I would like to be at the preparation day for the Nairobi Fashion Week. The whole day would be about capturing moments for the fashion week in Kenya. In this blog post I bring you to that day. It was a splendid day of shootings, recording, a video interview with the designer and having a blast of a time at the beautiful Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Lees verder “Behind the scenes (prepping for the Nairobi Fashion Week)”

Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge

Last week fashion designer Mariana asked me to capture moments at a preparation shoot for the Nairobi Fashion week. She will show her collection in Kenya at 25 November. You can follow her on: It was a wonderful day. For now a peak with the mannequin challenge video and soon also a blog post.

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Opening NYX Cosmetics Amsterdam

NYX Cosmetics Amsterdam

It’s finally here! Wow how I’ve waited, noted the date 10 November 2016 in my agenda because that was the day of the opening of NYX Cosmetics Amsterdam. NYX is a make-up brand, cruelty free for all skin colors with pretty affordable prices. I was there and if you would like to know how I experienced it keep on reading.

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Nude lipstick 


Nude lippies

I’m a nerd when it comes to make-up. It rarely looks good on me but I do love me some lippies! A while ago I got a set of lipglosses from MAC cosmetics for my birthday and at that point I wasn’t too much aware of cruelty free make-up but I also didn’t use lipgloss with color so it stayed sealed.

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