Nude lipstick 


Nude lippies

I’m a nerd when it comes to make-up. It rarely looks good on me but I do love me some lippies! A while ago I got a set of lipglosses from MAC cosmetics for my birthday and at that point I wasn’t too much aware of cruelty free make-up but I also didn’t use lipgloss with color so it stayed sealed.

I think I was in Sephora Miami or Atlanta and saw an eye stick of Victoria’s Secret and purchased it.

I always thought nude make-up isn’t for me but than I saw these make-up items laying there not being used and I figured… Lets play with them, they are sort of nude colors…


And I started using the lipgloss with the chubby eye stick that’s actually for the “eyes”, Yup, I know but I figured out that it’s doing good on lips too! 😉


So I ended up blending both… The chubby eye stick is really nude and difficult to see on these pictures but maybe you will get a glimp if you click on them.

Blending make-up

And voila. This is the result!


What do you think of it and do you also mix to get your nude lip color or have you found your perfect one? I must tell that I will look for natural or cruelty free alternatives and will let you all know when I will have it :-).


Processed with Moldiv






2 gedachten over “Nude lipstick 

    1. Hi hi,

      Ja dat is al een mooie stap en eigenlijk niet meer zo moeilijk te vinden. Helaas merk ik wel dat het lastig is om make-up te vinden dat cruelty free is en ook nog past voor een donkere huid. Het is een gok want samples heb je niet vaak met make-up maar het maakt het avontuur nog spannender iig 😉


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