House Of Marley (conscious headphone)

House of Marley

Music accessories inspired by Bob Marley

I actually have the headphone of House of Marley for quite a while but used Beats by Dre before. Why did I change from headphone? I will explain in this blogpost.

About House of Marley

House of Marley products are representing the King of Reggae himself. The Marley family is devoted in protecting mother nature. De brand is supporting the Marley family and a worldwide charity organization named 1 An organization that helps the youth, earth and providing peace in many ways. We all know the song “One love” right? House of Marley stands for: superior quality, cruelty free and charity.


Beats by Dre model: Solo | House of Marley model: Positive Vibration

I love my Beats by Dre but slowly it sort of died… First the frame fell of and then the frame of the volume button, later the buttons didn’t work anymore and then the whole Beats by Dre wasn’t well how can I mention it… “Beating” anymore. The noise was completely gone! So I thought what shall I buy now? And than I saw House of Marley online one day and Iooked up more in to it and saw the House of Marley on-ear headpone model: “Positive Vibration”. That with the fact that the brand is focused on doing good will got my attention immediately.

House of Marley


My choice

I wanted to go for black. I always go for black since that is an easy color that goes with everything but when I went to the Media Markt they didn’t have black only rose or bright colors. I actually really liked the rose one so I went for that color.


The benefits

  • I love the noise. I don’t hear a difference from my Beats by Dre
  • It’s very comfortable on the head and ears. The headband is made from a soft material
  • Recycled packing
  • Recycled aluminum



  • Very soon the logo vanished and it also got scratches pretty fast
  • There is only one button for handsfree. No button for the volume
House of Marley
Damaged and logo is gone

My opinion/experience

The quality is good when it comes to listening music but the material is not that good when it comes to the model I have (model: Positive Vibration) since the logo vanished and scratches came pretty quick. It can be different with other models of House of Marley.

I still need to go talk with Media Markt about this matter because I’ve never experienced a headphone where the logo comes of that easy while it’s protected in a case. For the record: mines doesn’t come with a case but I use the case of my Beats by Dre ;-).

And what headphone do you rock?!





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