Healthy Vegan Dish #1

Healthy Vegan Dish #1


What are your goals this year? My goal: start running again.
If you don’t have a goal yet then I might have one for you and that’s eating healthier.
We eat so much during the holidays that probably isn’t that healthy so I want to share a healthy vegan recipe every Sunday or Monday this January and I’m starting with a vegan soup, inspired by the Surinamese saoto soup.

vegan saotosoep

What you need:

  • 2 L. water
  • Mixed vegetables (carrot, broccoli, green beans, leek, celery)
  • 1 Garlic
  • A piece ginger
  • A piece lemongrass
  • A piece kencur
  • A piece galangal
  • A piece tumeric
  • 1 Tablet organic vegetable stock

– Cook everything til boiling point

– Pour soup in a bowl

– Add Himalayan salt as needed 

– Add alfalfa, baked onion, potato sticks, cabbage and whole-wheat noodles like in the pictures below.

ingredients vegan soup


  • Add bean sprouds in stead of alfalfa (bean sprouds: original ingredient)
  • Cook the soup with Surinamese spices like madame jeannette and ajuma
  • Add sambal (will do a blogpost about how I make sambal)


Madame Jeannette and ajuma can be very spicy if you’re not familiar with it or not used to spicy food try a little peace first 😉

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7 gedachten over “Healthy Vegan Dish #1

  1. Mmmm zooooo een heerlijke grote kom saoto!!!😋😋😋 Ik kan het goed gebruiken met dit weer. Alleen ben ik lui om het allemaal klaar te maken hahaha. Het ziet er wel makkelijk uit hoor. Je zou een video ervan moeten maken!📽🤗🍲🍴

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