Knakwortel / Dutch carrot dog review

Knakwortel / Dutch carrot dog review

Plants are taking over! A carrot that looks like a sausage. I already saw it months ago on social and now I have experienced it myself. What do I think of it? Continue reading.

I really missed having a hot dog especially when I was walking down the streets close to a hot dog truck and the smell of it passing by.

Those days are gone… We have plant-based sausages these days made of soy or lupin for example. Have you experienced the smoked sausage of the Vegatarian butcher already? It’s becoming a hit!

Now we have a carrot dog that looks like a hot dog sausage. Does it also taste like one to me?

Okay with the sashimi tasting I couldn’t compare if it tasted just like the normal sashimi since I never taste the normal sashimi before. This time it’s different cause I ate hot dogs before many years ago.

The description mentions that you need to bake the carrot dog in a bit of olive oil on different sides for around 3 minutes so I did.


I ate the carrot dog with a gluten-free hot dog bread, cucumber, different lettuce, santa tomatoes (snoep tomaten in Dutch) and crispy baked onion and garlic. Topped with curry ketchup.

The taste was like a normal sausage to me. The carrot dog is also soaked in a barbecue sauce when you buy it so that also may have done the job! The texture is a little bit different than a normal sausage. It’s a bit harder and somewhere far you can tell that it’s a carrot maybe. Still… such a great replacement for meat and worth trying.


By the way… You can also use them on a barbecue.

Will you try the Dutch carrot dog? Let me know in the comment section and also what you think of it. You can get the carrot dog at Albert Heijn or Hanos.

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