Review Honeybee Gardens (Natural) Lipstick (video)

Review Honeybee Gardens

Seen my preview video on my social media about the Honeybee Gardens Lipstick I have? Well now I have the review all set here!

I got this lipstick from and I love Iherb. They have so many different natural things in food, vitamins, cosmetics etc. Sometimes I can’t even choose! Okay lets get back to the Lipstick.

I purchased it because I’m looking for more natural make-up options that also look good on dark-skinned girlies like me. It sort of a challenge knowing there isn’t that much suitable make-up for the colored ones especially here in Europe. For that reason I still have make-up that is not plant based, organic or natural. Still I look at ingredients. That’s in my nature to do so I always look to stuff that doesn’t has the hard chemicals and don’t do animal testing. And again… It’s still not that easy to look at all these things but I try.


Quick city life, busy, dark-skinned, living in Europe, plant based orientated, loving animals… Not always easy but an interesting adventure!


  • Replacing hard chemical – animal testing cosmetics

GOODBYE CRUELTY STUFF. I’ve decided to replace my hard cruelty stuff for not cruelty and no hard chemical stuff. I already use cosmetics that pay attention by not using hard chemicals. It would be nice if I had a natural version of all make-up I use and I’m planning to look for i!

Natural lipstick
Honeybee Gardens Lipstick



Don’t it just frustrates you when you see a color of lipstick online and you can’t test it? Uhh because it’s ONLINE? I had to guess even though I love purple colors I like to test it if it really looks good on the LIPS ;-). When my package arrived I tested it immediately and…

The color

“SUPERSTITIOUS “That is the name of my color lipstick. I thought it was a little bit lighter than my Mac Cyber lipstick but it’s almost the same. On the picture beneath it’s even looks a little bit darker but that’s not the case. Well it’s all fine by me because when it comes to color I feel like I have my own mac Cyber but now a natural version.

Honeybee Gardens Lipstick en Mac
Left: Mac Cyber Right: Honeybee Gardens Superstitious


Texture and broken issues

Yes the texture is a bit awkward if you look close to it. It’s seems like it’s not truly binding what brings me to an issue that probably happened because of the loose texture. It broke while putting my lipstick on. I had to attach it again. Lucky that went good.

Structuur lippenstift
Texture Close-up



Also sort of important right but let me break it down for you… When it comes to the scent it smells hmm I mean uhmm.. It smells like it’s old and I hope I’m not that unlucky that I have an old one by mistake… It was sealed so I don’t believe that is the problem. I think it smells this way because it’s odorless. No additional perfume.

Shine like a star

As you can see on the first picture it’s not mattifying what we like these days but shiny. Spring is here and Summer is coming and I like a shiny sheen then.

Long lasting or not?

It stays on my lips for a good amount of time certainly for a couple of hours but not as long as when I put on a matttifying lipstick.


This lipstick is completely natural and for me it’s a moisturizer as well so it keeps my lips on fleek when it comes to moist. I get very dry lips when I put a lipstick on of Mac Cosmetics especially when it’s a Mattifying one.  Sorry don’t mean to compare with Mac all the time but that’s what I use for a century ;-).


The lipstick costs € 9.90 at Iherb.


Ingredients make-up

So I will be doing more reviews on natural make-up. Just got my organic powder from a Swedish brand that’s specialized in dark skinned make-up as well. Review coming.


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