How I mantain my super undefined twist-out with Jamaican Black Castor oil (video)

undefined twistout

I recently colored my hair with Manic Panic Fuschia Shock and had to use a clarifying shampoo with no conditioner afterwards.

My hair got super dry and this is my hair care at the moment after clarifying and coloring my super dry hair:

1. Moisturizer: Honey Love Hairmilk | brand: Sheado |
2. Styling cream: Curling Gel Soufflé | brand: Shea Moisture
3. Big chunky twists after
4. In the video: Jamaican Black Castor Oil to keep the hair shiny, to remain moisture and protection against cold weather | Got it from Kruidvat

This video was made one week after coloring my hair and I didn’t twist anymore so my hair became a super undefined twist-out that looks more like an afro right? The color is only visible in daylight.

Check out my hair dye video:

Check out this Instagram post for my hair color in daylight:

Music in this video by

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