Manic Panic hair color exposed!

Hair dye on natural hair

If you’ve seen my previous post what also contains a video you may have seen that I wasn’t quite satisfied about the density of the color Fuschia Shock from the brand Manic Panic. 

But yesterday while a was walking in bright light downtown Amsterdam I decided to take a selfie and YES! There it was. Manic Panic Fuschia Shock was there all in a sudden. It still isn’t the color density that I want it to be as you can only see it in bright daylight though but I was pretty happy to see it shining like that :-).


Purple rain
Manic Panic Fuschia Shock in bright daylight


In the video I’m saying that it may not be for people with very dark hair like mine but I would like to withdraw that opinion. I think it might work if you dye your hair more than one time.

If you haven’t seen my video yet you can click on this link:

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