6 Things to think about when you’re into fashion

6 Things to think about when you’re into fashion

When I asked you all on Instagram stories which subjects you would like me to post about, fashion turned out to be the number 4 together with two other subjects, I will let you know later. For that reason, I will try to do more items about fashion since I love fashion as well! These days I look more in vegan and sustainable fashion. In this blog, I give you 6 things to think about when you’re into fashion.

Did you know that suede comes from unborn calves? That dog leather is labeled as cow leather? Or that it costs 8.000-liter water to produce one pair of jeans?

It shouldn’t matter what animal leather is from because all animals like to live. Just like all humans this shouldn’t be different obviously but are we victims of habits and traditions. Speaking about producing denim, try to slow it down, believe me, you will appreciate the clothes that you have more.

I used to shop till I drop but for years I don’t buy that many clothes anymore comparing to the past. Just like the meat industry, the fashion industry is destroying the planet due to mass production. Especially clothes that’s made of animal ingredients and I came to realize that there is more to life than shopping till I drop :-). Plus really? Do I need it? No, I don’t and it helps me to spend my money on things that enrich my soul more like giving food to poor people, a nice holiday or good food (food can be pretty expensive though). These are just some examples.

But don’t get me wrong. I like to give myself a treat so now and then and when I do, I have a couple of criteria that I follow these days:

  • Vintage stores

Do you guys ever try to step in a vintage store? You won’t believe the stuff you sometimes see. This way I have seen so many nice clothes and buying vintage stuff gives me a better feeling since you give clothes another life without damaging the environment.

  • Sale/Sample sale

Your saving money when you buy stuff on sale, but this one may be tricky! We woman attent to shop when things are on sale so what I do these days is that I make a list (after checking my wardrobe) of what I would like to have and I shop selectively. For example, if I would like to go for those jeans that are on my mind for a while I have no business to step in other shops but I step in the shop for that specific jeans. There are denim brands that become more and more conscious like G-Star.

  • Membership discount

Some brands have a membership discount. Become a member so you may be the first to enjoy discounts on your favorite brand. There are conscious companies that provide great membership discounts like Studio Hotstuff. They sell clothes from different brands like the vegan brand Matt & Nat.

  • Give away on social media

Do you participate in give away’s on social? Many conscious brands have prices you can win, especially when they just started the brand. Try to participate more especially with the conscious brands, that’s always better :-).

  • 52 weeks

Try to not buy stuff every week. Let us say, you buy something that costs 20 Euro every week and you don’t even need it.  In a year it will cost you 20 x 52 Euro and that is 1040 Euro. With that cash, you can make a nice trip!

Do you make sure to think conscious so now and then? Let me know in which way?



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