The power of Palo Santo

The power of Palo Santo

Hi everyone,

On Instagram, I’ve mentioned the loss of my baby boy Noël. I’ve lost Noël in September 2019. This is the first time I’m mentioning it on my blog. I’ve been more spiritual since then what helps me ease the almost unbearable pain mentally and physically. Rituals/spirituality are the subjects that have a number 3 position when I asked the question on Instagram stories: what subject would you like me to post more about? That’s why I start a blog post about the subjects ‘Rituals/spirituality’ with Palo Santo also known as ‘Holy Wood’.

Incense is in my life as long as I know myself but till now I just can’t do without it. One of my favorite incenses is Palo Santo also known as ‘Holy Wood’.

The Palo Santo tree is a sacred tree that has its origin in South-America. Shamans use Palo Santo sticks to clear misfortune, negative thoughts or evil spirits.

I use Palo Santo on a regular base as spiritual support especially since the loss of Noël to nurture the room and my thoughts with positive energy. In the picture, I use Palo Santo with a bowl that has an emotional value to me, but it’s common to use an abalone shell for its healing properties.

Abalone schelp
Abalone shell


There are also Palo Santo incense sticks, oils, spray or cones. I mostly use Palo Santo from the brand Jiri & Friends. Their products are 100% natural.

palo santo incense stick
Palo Santo incense stick


Palo Santo has a sweet warm scent that can give inner peace. Are you spiritually in a way? And do you also use Palo Santo?

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