The vegan pizzas of iHeartpizza

The vegan pizzas of iHeartpizza

I’m a huge pizza lover and when I became a vegan I was afraid that I couldn’t enjoy a good vegan pizza with cheese anymore but that isn’t the case anymore. For example, the brand iHeartpizza has vegan pizzas that are worth trying.

The brand iHeartpizza is a new Dutch pizza brand that offers you three vegan pizzas: the Pizza Margherita, the Pizza di mama, and the Pizza Spicy veggie.

I’ve made a video about the Margherita version ‘Review iHeartpizza. Dutch spoken. English subs‘, and let me mention one thing. I’m very critical when it comes to cheese and the vegan cheeses are often not my cup of tea, but the vegan cheese on the pizzas of iHeartpizza is super!

pizza margherita

Why you should go for an iHeartpizza?

  • I’ve experienced many times that the vegan cheeses are not quite cheese worthy and I don’t like to say that as a vegan foodie. Just being honest. The cheeses taste too artificial if you ask me, some not even like cheese at all and some don’t even melt properly. The cheese on iHeartpizza tastes super and yup! It melts great!

vegan kaas

  • Have you experienced that you buy a pizza and you end up adding more seasoning because the ingredients weren’t doing it for you or the taste was flavorless? No need to use extra ingredients on the pizzas of iHeartpizza, the pizzas are good as they come.


  • No need to experience a pizza that doesn’t taste fresh because it came out of the freezer shelf at your local supermarket. The frozen iHeartpizzas taste like you made them yourself!


Their campaign has almost ended so be quick and sign in for updates, their pop-up shops and to order your iHeartpizza.


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