Vegan Fashion
Hi everyone, more and more I think about how much harm we do to the environment because of everything we buy. On Instagram I mentioned that in Dutch we say: When the word “too” is involved it’s never good. It’s not easy to quit something that you like so much or decrease the level you’re using it. Still environmental awareness and buying cruelty free items so now and then is a step and can make a difference as well.

I started living plant-based with food and after food came cosmetics but more often I think about other factors such as clothing and for that reason I wanted to make a vegan lookbook. It was challenging but also fun doing and you know what… I do like a challenge with myself ;-).

Lets get started:

Vintage Army Jacket | ALBERT CUYPMARKT | Fabric Cotton
Vegan Lookbook
Green Blouse | H&M | Fabric Cotton
Jeans Vegan
Jeans | ZARA | Fabric 98% Cotton 2% Elastane
Vegan lookbook
Look a like Leather Shoes | PIMKIE | Fabric Synthetic


And this was my first lookbook in general. Will try to do it on more regular base ;-).

Processed with Moldiv



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