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My top 5 mistakes having a protective style

My top 5 mistakes having a protective style

A protective style. How brilliant for our kinky curly ones to have. It requires less manipulation, you can leave your hair alone for a while and within a couple of hours you go from having maybe short hair into long hair. That’s amazing right or not? I’ve experienced that a protective style doesn’t always go by the term “protective” and I’m glad that my edges are still here! I could have ended like this for sure ↓↓↓

edges gone

In this post I’ll let you know: my top 5 mistakes having a so called protective style.

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There is something about Aloë Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloë Vera voor huid en haar

Nog niet zo lang geleden ben ik begonnen met het gebruik van Aloë Vera sap voor mijn haar en gezicht en wat vind ik ervan? Laat ik maar alvast aangeven dat de werking mij heeft verrast in verschillende opzichten.

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