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Shea Nilotica, het broertje van de Sheaboter

Shea Nilotica, het broertje van de Sheaboter

Het was weer tijd voor haardag en zoals jullie ondertussen mijn liefde voor Sheaboter kennen, heb ik dit keer gebruik gemaakt van een andere Sheaboter waar ik nog geen ervaring mee had en dat is de ‘Shea Nilotica’, het broertje van de Sheaboter die we al kennen.

Waar de Sheaboter die velen kennen uit West-Afrika komt, vindt de Shea Nilotica zijn oorsprong in Oost-Afrika.  

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How I deep condition my kinky hair

How I deep condition my kinky hair

Hi everyone,

Another hair tutorial and this one is about how I deep condition my hair.

The products that I use in the video are:
– The Strengthen Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner (Shea Moisture)
– The Type 4 Hair Crème (My Honey Child)
– The Hair Therapy Wrap (Hair Therapy Wrap)

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There is something about Aloë Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloë Vera voor huid en haar

Nog niet zo lang geleden ben ik begonnen met het gebruik van Aloë Vera sap voor mijn haar en gezicht en wat vind ik ervan? Laat ik maar alvast aangeven dat de werking mij heeft verrast in verschillende opzichten.

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Hair Growth & Length Check Part 1 (video)

Length check and hair growth

Hair journey part 1
Hello everyone, another video with English subtitles. This is part one of a serie video’s I will make about my hair growth. Some of you know how much hair breakage I have so I’m taking you all in my journey to find out why my hair breaks so much. Hope you like my video and that it inspires you in to having healthy hair growth.

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Hi everyone, another video with English subtitles.

Because of the 500 followers on Instagram I decided to do a give-away a while ago and two followers won a DIY tropical hair cream. So why tropical? Well… The cream was made with tropical oils from Surinam such as Awara, Tonka, Maripa and Krappa oil.

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LOC method on a twist-out and braid-out (video)

LOC Method

My next vlog!
In this video I’m using the My Honey Child Type 4 cream to lock moisture in my hair. This type 4 cream is from www.myhoneychild.com and you can also get it at She Sells (www.shesells.nl). There is also a type 3 version. I think that one is less heavy than the type 4 one. Lees verder “LOC method on a twist-out and braid-out (video)”

And the winner is… (Miss Black Hair NL 2016)

Deborah Cameron
Miss Black Hair NL 2016


Miss Black Hair elections 2016
Miss Black Hair NL. Last year I couldn’t go but this time I was right on point with also some video footage of this wonderful event!

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