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Manic Panic hair color exposed!

Hair dye on natural hair

If you’ve seen my previous post what also contains a video you may have seen that I wasn’t quite satisfied about the density of the color Fuschia Shock from the brand Manic Panic.  Lees verder “Manic Panic hair color exposed!”

MANIC PANIC FUSCHIA SHOCK on type 4c hair (video)

manic panic

Hi everyone,

MY HAIR DYE VLOG! I think I wanted to dye my natural type 4c hair like forever but never wanted to bleach it. Type 4c hair is mostly strong curled hair, also called kinky, nappy, coily, kinky curly and in Dutch: kroeshaar. When I just started blogging I did a post about the different hair types (in Dutch).

Lees verder “MANIC PANIC FUSCHIA SHOCK on type 4c hair (video)”