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Travel vlog Spain and Morocco (video)


My first travel vlog and it’s about Spain and Morocco!

In this vlog you will see different hairstyles, adventure, but also spots were I enjoyed my precious veggie food! So actually you will get to see more of me ;-).
I hope you forgive me for using a vlog camera that didn’t record the quality I’m used recording with. Normally I use my Canon 600D or my Iphone (1080p HD 30 bps or 60 bps) and that really makes a difference.
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For my big sister with ♡


Back from holiday with mixed feelings

I was super excited making my trip because I went to two places I always wanted to go but then when holiday arrived I always went to another place. This time it got so far. I went to Andalusia and Marrakech but my holiday was during a moment I actually almost wanted to cancel and will let you know why…

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