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Top 5 International places NO-GO plant-based food 

plant based food

Traveling. My greatest passion! Men if I could work everywhere I wanted I would be somewhere else right now. Somewhere where it’s at least 25 degrees Celsius but when it comes to my dear Holland and especially in the cities. I love the way I always can find my plant-based food. Some places outside Holland I must say… Finding plant-based food was sort of a challenge and in this post I’ll let you know which places I’ve experienced as a NO-GO when it comes to plant-based food. Lees verder “Top 5 International places NO-GO plant-based food “

For my big sister with ♡


Back from holiday with mixed feelings

I was super excited making my trip because I went to two places I always wanted to go but then when holiday arrived I always went to another place. This time it got so far. I went to Andalusia and Marrakech but my holiday was during a moment I actually almost wanted to cancel and will let you know why…

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