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One of my best friends asked me if I wanted to make a vegan carrot cake for her son’s first birthday. Even though it was a while that I made one I told her I could do it and it was well executed! This cake is gluten/sugar-free and vegan. Here is the recipe. Lees verder “GLUTEN/SUGAR-FREE VEGAN CARROT CAKE”


Healthy Vegan Dish #3

Healthy food

The 3rd week of January what means the 3rd healthy vegan dish. I love having this one for breakfast and it may take you just a few minutes to make them. Whole-wheat dinkel banana pancakes. Read here how I made them. Lees verder “Healthy Vegan Dish #3”

Healthy Vegan Dish #2

Healthy Vegan Dish #2

Hello everyone how is January til now? There is something you all don’t know about me. I feel like I’m going back in time and to be specific I would say the year 2014. The year 2014 was the year of baking. I tried baking many cakes plant based and without cane sugar. It wasn’t easy all the time. I’ve noticed that I found my way back in the kitchen more in a way to master the technique of making several dishes plant based and without cane sugar. Dishes that are originally made with meat, fish or eggs.

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Travel vlog Spain and Morocco (video)


My first travel vlog and it’s about Spain and Morocco!

In this vlog you will see different hairstyles, adventure, but also spots were I enjoyed my precious veggie food! So actually you will get to see more of me ;-).
I hope you forgive me for using a vlog camera that didn’t record the quality I’m used recording with. Normally I use my Canon 600D or my Iphone (1080p HD 30 bps or 60 bps) and that really makes a difference.
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5 zaken waarmee je rekening moet houden als je plantaardig gaat eten


Veggie Love
Ongeveer een maand geleden had ik een reünie met vier meiden uit mijn middelbare schooltijd en het was zo leuk om elkaar weer na zo een lange tijd te zien!

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Lekker gezond plantaardig eten, kan dat?



Lekker plantaardig eten
In mijn blog over snel gezond eten kon je lezen hoe je snel een gezonde maaltijd kan klaarmaken super handig als je geen tijd hebt om te koken en liever geen kant- en klare maaltijd in huis wil halen.

Ik wil iets dieper in de materie gaan met jullie want hoe zit het met lekker plantaardig en gezond eten? Lees verder “Lekker gezond plantaardig eten, kan dat?”