And the winner is… (Miss Black Hair NL 2016)

Deborah Cameron
Miss Black Hair NL 2016


Miss Black Hair elections 2016
Miss Black Hair NL. Last year I couldn’t go but this time I was right on point with also some video footage of this wonderful event!

Miss Black Hair NL
Designer Mariana from AFU on the right

On the picture we are pointing Africa… Beside that many of us colored ones have their roots in Africa there was also a country in Africa that was celebrating their independancy and that was GHANA! Oh my gosh… I’m longing to go to Ghana it’s on my wish-list! Mariana from AFU (African Fashion United) provided African print skirts in the first round of the elections and has just opened a pop-up store in Beverwijk with two others. Go check out the Facebook page of pop-up store AFU.


The story behind Miss Black Hair NL

Miss Black Hair NL 2016
The candidates

Miss Black hair NL is an annual election for the black woman with kinky and curly hair. It’s an election where it’s all about women with natural hair.

If we look around us or at Dutch television you can see that we are being raised by role models that nearly look like the natural woman with her kinky or curly hair. Rarely you see the natural black woman but that doesn’t has to stay this way. Miss Black Hair NL want’s to change that by putting black women with natural hair in the spotlight, with the intention to show the society how beautiful and divers natural hair can be. An important way by doing this is with Miss Black Hair NL.Miss Black Hair NL is about increasing the self-consciuosness of black women. It’s about showing that the black woman is beautiful the way she’s created. It’s also about going in dialog about what natural hair really means and what it says about the identity of the black woman.

When you’re a candidate of the Miss Black Hair NL election you’re a role-model.  You’ll get the change to show other black women how beautiful your natural hair is and that you’re wearing it with proud. It’s also a way of developing. As a candidate you’ll experience inspiring workshops so you can grow as a person in life. You’ll get to know your personal strength and learn how to use it.


Meet the jury

From left to right: Glenn Helberg, Sylvana Simons, Y.M.P., Gerda Havertong


Meet the Hostess

Shay Kreuger


During the event the candidates were showing there best performances on the stage. There were different rounds. Every round had its own theme with many African influences.


Some of these beautiful talented misses teamed up and did performances with their opponent.



During the break we went upstairs for the mini market. The mini market had jewelry, clothing, hair and skin products. The brand Gi Yu (means ‘for you’ in Surinamese) sells products for all kinds of little ones with a dry, sensitive and delicate skin. I really like their concept and also the story behind the product even with the fact that I don’t have kids or plans to get them. I have a lot of kid’s around me! So if you have kids or close to having a baby shower you should most definitely check out the website.



And then I saw this wonderful girl named Dominique Banai that I had seen on social media who was selling cute African style earrings. They were so beautiful. I kept it decent and bought one pair. It wasn’t easy those earrings rocked! I’m the proud owner of the earrings in the middle ;-). Check out these awesome earrings on the Facebook page Your Coilyness. And of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture with her.




I also bumped in to the owners of Urban Africa Naturals. I love their shea butter black soap and their shea butter soap. They have a great collection of natural cosmetics and just like Gi Yu an amazing story that build their foundation for providing quality products so yes! You need to check out their webshop.


And here are some other great accessories and clothing.




After the break at the mini market the evening got more spectacular. Round 3 was about Gala and the girls were walking with great looking gentlements on their side ;-).


The ladies were showing there beautiful profile picture one by one and then remains the question who will be the winner…



There were also performances from talented singers like Shock ft. Orfeo with a song named ‘kroeshaar’ (definition: kinky or coily hair). Check out this video compilation of their performance.


There were two favorites. There was one that was chosen by the audience (the audience favorite) and one that was chosen by the jury. The one that the jury chose is now officially Miss Black Hair NL 2016.

Chosen by the audience Miss Charissa

And then came the moment. The winner of Miss Black Hair NL 2016 is… Deborah Cameron!

Miss Black Hair NL 2016 Miss Deborah


And yes! Here is a video where you can see Deborah’s respond to Sylvana Simons final question. You can also see the respond of Charissa. Great job ladies!


Miss Black Hair NL 2015 Daya Maduro who happened to be the favorite of the audience as well last year passed the title to Deborah Cameron. We wish you all good in your term as Miss Black Hair 2016.

Miss Black Hair NL 2015 on the left


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