A defined twist-out


How I got a defined twist-out
It all started 3 March but I will start my story on 4 March.

It’s 4 March. I looked out of the window and there it was… The cold, rain, snow… A mix of everything that kinky curly hair doesn’t like!

I had an appointment with a girlfriend to see the movie Gods of Egypt but secretly I just wanted to stay home… Yes the weather was basically ruining my mood.


Then I just told myself to go and I started to look what to wear…

To be honest I’m a real Dutchie when it comes to biking. I bike a lot. I just love biking and I started to look for a nice outfit to wear for biking, you know looking sort of fashionable and still stay dry. That was a challenge!

I took my water resistant leather look-a-like trousers, my warm sweater, my Nikes, gloves and my raincoat from RAINS. I love the brand RAINS they have awesome raincoats. Check my blogpost “fashionable in the rain“. I must say that post is Dutch.

When you’re on the bike you also need to keep your ears warm so I took my Beats by Dre. Listening to Rihanna’s latest album .

While biking and listening to the new album “ANTI” from Rihanna I started to get in the mood.

ANTI Rihanna

What was I thinking… I was wearing a twist-out with snow, rain and frosty weather.

And what do they say when you wear a twist-out in cold weather. They say that the cold cuts your hair like literally and then it’s a good reason to just rock your protective styles!

I did cover myself with the rain cap that was attached on my coat but normally also with a rain cap I experience a lot of frizzy hair in Holland. I learned to embrace messy hair because of the high humidity in this country and when it’s cold it doesn’t only ruins my twist-out but wearing a twist-out is just not good with cold weather like I mentioned above so I try to wear a twist-out as little as possible.

messy hair
Messy hair after a rainy day

ATTENTION all people! I discoverd something that keeps my hair the way I want it to be the WHOLE day! When I got home my twist-out was still defined like hours before.

So what did I use for my twists the day before on 3 March? I used two products of the vegan cruelty free brand Aluminé.


  • The Aluminé Goji Berry Amplifying Treatment Mist is a leave-in conditioner that creates volume, prevents the hair from getting messy and provides moisture.
  • The Aluminé Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse is for the finishing touch it gives the hair more volume and shine.


What do I think of these hair products?
1. The Aluminé Goji Berry Amplifying Treatment Mist leave-in

I think my hair has more volume but I don’t know if it’s because of the leave-in. My hair was in a protective style for more than 5 weeks so it could be that my hair grew more. It definitely gave my hair more hold so you can say that the leave in made sure that my hair didn’t become messy.

Price: 21.78 Excl. Shipping costs


2. The Aluminé Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse

This product gives the hair also more volume but like I already said about the volume. I think my hair grew more because of my protective style but it can also be a combination of protective styling and using these products. My hair definitely has more shine after using the mousse. The thing is that I used both products together so I don’t know what effect it would have if I would only use the leave-in or the mousse. I will try it out by using the products separate from each other and get back to all of you on that. I have real dry hair and I have noticed that I needed more leave-in than the styling mouse. The mousse also contains more liquid than the leave-in so I guess the mousse will last longer.

Price: 26.62 Excl. Shipping costs


Using both products
Using the products together makes my hair a little bit hard like a gel but really just a little bit, lets say it provides hold. I don’t use gels anymore only my DIY flaxseed gel because gel made my hair very dry what led to breakage eventually. See this blogpost “Weddenschap met Cheryl van Purootz” (Dutch) about my hair condition and the moment I quit using an ordinary gel.

Before using the products I sprayed my hair with water, then I sprayed the leave-in and then the styling mousse. While I was twisting my hair I used some of my homemade whipped sheabutter for my ends to protect them from the cold weather. I also have a blogpost about an example of my basic products and my homemade whipped shea butter (Dutch) is one of the basics. Go check it out.

Note: the ends of your hair are the oldest and therefore the most fragile parts of your hair. Use a butter or rich oil like argan to protect them against cold weather. Sometimes I also use a bottle that contains different Surinamese ingredients like my Afro Tonka Maripa Moisturizer. Check out the video “Was Routine“(Dutch). In this video I’m using the moisturizer as a pre-poo.

But for now as much as I love my twist-out I’m going back to a protective style after a couple of days to maintain healthy hair and better hair growth especially during the winter.

You can buy the products of Aluminé at a distributor not in a shop. Contact me for a distributor.

What do all of you use to keep your hair healthy :-)?

PS: nice for the English speakers. I will be posting more in English and also English speaking video’s!


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