Healthy Vegan Dish #3

Healthy food

The 3rd week of January what means the 3rd healthy vegan dish. I love having this one for breakfast and it may take you just a few minutes to make them. Whole-wheat dinkel banana pancakes. Read here how I made them.

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Meal for 1 – 3 person

2 bananas

150 gr. whole wheat dinkel flour

6 drops almond essence

6 drops vanilla essence

2 tbsp. cinnamon powder

Extra virgin coconut oil


How to make the whole-wheat dinkel banana pancakes

Smash the bananas in a bowl till it’s a paste.

Mix the bananas with the whole-wheat Dinkel flour and stir till it’s completely blended. Pour almond essence, vanilla essence and cinnamon powder and stir all together.

Heat a casserole with some extra virgin coconut oil and pour some of the mix in the casserole.

You can decide for yourself the amount of mix you pour in the casserole. It depends on the size of pancakes you like.

Bake both sides till they are gold brown and you’re done.

Veganistisch eten


Put slices pineapple in the mix. I actually decided to put slices pineapple last-minute.

Do you like to have your pancakes sweeter? Blend some dates in a blender and use as a syrup

If you prefer sugar? Use coconut sugar. It’s much better than cane sugar.


Hope you’ll make the pancakes. If so let me know and till the next healthy vegan dish!


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