Healthy Vegan Dish #5

Healthy Vegan Dish #5

The last vegan dish of January. I love soup and this is mung bean soup. Some people ask me what mung beans are. The mung bean is the green top of the bean sprout.

bean sprouts
Bean sprouts. The green top is the mung bean. Foto:

You can buy mung beans in many stores these days. I bought them at the Albert Heijn. If you love bean soup or beans in general you should definitely try mung beans as well and it’s that time of the year for a good tasty bean soup!


What you need:

Approximately 2 l. water

75 gr. cut onion

175 gr. mung beans

200 gr. cut pumpkin

5 cloves of garlic (pressed)

a little bit dried lavas root

65 gr. sliced leek

1 tablet organic vegetable stock

Himalayan salt

Herb powders: some turmeric, coriander and curry

Topping: chopped celery and dry garlic

Cook the mung beans in the water with the cut onion, pressed cloves of garlic, lavas root, organic vegetable stock.

Throw the cut pumpkin, sliced leek and herb powders in the casserole when the mung beans are cooking for 30 to 45 minutes. You can keep pouring water if it runs dry.

Cook everything till the mung beans are soft and totally blended with the water (just like when you make lentil or split pea soup).

Sprinkle Himalayan salt as needed and the topping when you have poured the soup in your bowl and bon apetit!


PS: maybe some of you have noticed that my “ healthy vegan dish number 4” isn’t on the blog. It’s a video and you can see it on my Shair My World YouTube channel:

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