Mr. & Mrs. Watson (plant-based food bar for cheese lovers)

Mr. & Mrs. Watson (plant-based food bar for cheese lovers)

What is an absolute blast for a person that lives a plant-based lifestyle and loves food? Eating somewhere and you don’t have to ask what ingredients are inside because everything is vegan! Saturday 27 August was all about Mr. & Mrs. Watson a plant-based food bar at the east side of Amsterdam, especially for yes…. Cheese lovers. Read in this blog post how I experienced it.

Donald Watson

The name Mr. & Mrs. Watson is inspired by Donald Watson. An animal activist that came with the word ‘vegan’. He started ‘The Vegan Society’, a registered charity and the oldest vegan society in the world.

Vegan food tasting

There was a three-course food tasting of little bites for vegan and cheese lovers. A lot of different cheeses and all vegan. Before I became a plant-based eater I loved eating cheese and I could enjoy eating cheese again.



Appetizers (vegan with a cheesy twist)

One of the dishes from the first course was a Watson tarte with almond cream-cheese, bacon tempeh on olive dough. There was also a cheese fondue toast with egg salad.



Main course (pulled ‘no pork’ sandwich)

This was fun. Look at that sandwich pulled ‘no pork’ in the middle with habanero mayo, and pineapple salsa!!!



Dessert (eggless tiramisu)

As a dessert, we had a tiramisu and of course without the egg yolk ;-).

Service on point!

The service was super. The staff was very friendly and told us the names of the bites and their ingredients.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson

I must mention, I’ve never experienced a vegan food bar like this before. Love the concept of a bar that serves vegan food with so many different cheeses. You should definitely experience it when you are a cheese lover but also when you haven’t enjoyed cheese anymore due to becoming vegan or lactose intolerance.


Mr. & Mrs. Watson is located in Amsterdam on the east side.

Linnaeuskade 3h

1098 BC Amsterdam

Mr. and Mrs. Watson


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