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Stem je ook op mij voor de Vegan Awards 2020?

Stem je ook op mij voor de Vegan Awards 2020?

De vorige stemronde ging om pre-nominaties maar nu gaan we er echt voor! Jullie kunnen stemmen voor de Vegan Awards 2020 en dankzij de stemmen bij de pre-nominaties van het publiek (jullie stemmen!), ben ik officieel genomineerd in de categorie: Beste vegan socialmediacontent. Stemmen kan tot en met 31 oktober 2020. Via bijgaande link kom je op de pagina van de nominaties en ga je bij de categorie ‘Beste vegan socialmediacontent’, naar ‘Shair My World’.

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Chili sin carne

Chili sin carne

Hey guys,

Latin food is something I really love. Why? The beans people! I’m a huge bean lover and in the Surinamese kitchen, we also have a dish where beans are highly represented and that’s: Brown beans with rice. I guess it’s a South-American thing ;-)! I like to make chili sin carne (chili without meat)) and here is the recipe.

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Vegan sashimi tasting

Vegan sashimi tasting

After I had the vegan steak tasting I thought what product, that looks impossible to veganize, will they veganize now? That’s the sashimi at the Vegan Junkfood Bar and oh boy! It even looked like sashimi! What do I think of it? The answer is here on this blog. Lees verder “Vegan sashimi tasting”

Vrij van veggie food fair (video. Dutch spoken English subs)

Vrij van veggie food fair (video. Dutch spoken English subs)

There is nothing more delightful than spending time on a conscious food fair with food that’s free of gluten, dairy, sugar, meat, fish or even soy and palm oil.

Here is where I need your help. I have these seaweed croutons from Mas Newen and I was thinking about making bacon seaweed with it. 

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How I make Surinamese roti with sweet potato

How I make Surinamese roti with sweet potato

While I’m writing this recipe I get roti cravings! Roti is one of my favorite dishes of the Surinamese kitchen. Normally when we use potatoes to make the roti we use the general potato. On YouTube, I saw somebody making roti with sweet potato and I just had to try it. I did do it a little bit different though. The first time I made it I used spelt flour and the second time I used buckwheat flour which is great for people who don’t eat gluten. Both ways are super delicious. This recipe is the roti made with spelt flour.

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Top 5 International places NO-GO plant-based food 

plant based food

Traveling. My greatest passion! Men if I could work everywhere I wanted I would be somewhere else right now. Somewhere where it’s at least 25 degrees Celsius but when it comes to my dear Holland and especially in the cities. I love the way I always can find my plant-based food. Some places outside Holland I must say… Finding plant-based food was sort of a challenge and in this post I’ll let you know which places I’ve experienced as a NO-GO when it comes to plant-based food. Lees verder “Top 5 International places NO-GO plant-based food “


Vegan Lookbook

Vegan Fashion part 2

Hi everyone my second Vegan Lookbook is out! This one is still from the summer and while I’m making this blogpost it’s almost October so to be realistic I don’t think we will wear this outfit anymore in Holland but the ones that will visit the warm places this period… You will be able to slay this one! Lets get started.

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Hi everyone, another video with English subtitles.

Because of the 500 followers on Instagram I decided to do a give-away a while ago and two followers won a DIY tropical hair cream. So why tropical? Well… The cream was made with tropical oils from Surinam such as Awara, Tonka, Maripa and Krappa oil.

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