How I manage to take care of my skin disorder (my path to natural healing)

How I manage to take care of my skin disorder (my path to natural healing)

I’ve been a vegan for 6 years now. It may not be that obvious to see but I’ve been struggling with my skin for years not knowing what is best for my skin complex and my skin disorder. Yes, I do have a disorder that I manage to control due to using the right products not only external but also internal. Read all about it.

Since I became a teenager I’ve struggled with so much dryness that my skin started to reveal dryness wrinkles at the age of 14. if I rubbed my hands around my forehead I could see skin flakes falling off my face. I felt I had the skin of an older person at that time. I also used anti-aging products as a teenager for that reason. Later I was diagnosed with ichthyosis.


Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Ichthyosis Vulgaris (ik-thee-O-sis vul-GAY-ris) is an inherited skin disorder in which dead skin cells accumulate in thick, dry scales on your skin’s surface.

The scales of ichthyosis Vulgaris, sometimes called fish scale disease or fish skin disease, can be present at birth, but usually first appear during early childhood. Sometimes, mild cases of ichthyosis Vulgaris go undiagnosed because they’re mistaken for extremely dry skin.

I have inherited ichthyosis from my mother, who has a more severe form mostly on her legs. To me, ichthyosis feels like a very dry skin that’s been torn apart and I had to do something about it. The doctor was the first place I went to.

The doctor gave me some tips:

  • Don’t shower every day
  • Don’t shower too long
  • Don’t use soap

I knew I couldn’t quite not-showering every day but I did start to shower less long than I used to. I also started to pay attention to soaps that were more gentle for the skin.

I also got tested by a dermatologist if I had any allergies but that wasn’t the case. Only a little bit sensitive for nickel but many people have a nickel allergy according to my doctor.

Later the doctor gave me a cream called cetomacrogol and lanette. That was such a no go! That made my skin problems much worse.


I even went to a doctor that was specialized in a darker skin since having a darker skin needs other care than for example people with a European skin.  He gave me the tip to use cleansing products with the ph of 5.5. That helped though.. but it wasn’t enough.

sebamed zeep

Years passed and I felt that I could do much better for my skin. I was actually only thinking of what I use externally but not what I was using internally until a friend asked me: but how much water do you drink a day?

I was literally drinking one tiny glass of water a day and sometimes it wasn’t even water but something else like juice or a soda. When I started to drink 2 liters I noticed that my skin became less dry. To be clear: if I keep drinking 2 liters a day I have no dry skin at all!

The time I started drinking the amount I needed to drink,  I also started to use more natural or organic products and I also became a vegan. That moment I really noticed that my skin started to heal.

Veganism is not the same as natural

Many people make the mistake that veganism is a natural way of living and that’s not true at all. Vegan products don’t have to be 100% natural. it just means that your products aren’t made of animal ingredients or that those animals or harmed during the process. I believe in the power of nature so as a vegan I wanted my products to be as natural as possible without the harsh ingredients and these are the products that I use at the moment:

A soap I use for my face and body for years, but you can also use it for your hair and even brush your teeth with. Some make-up bloggers even use it to clean their make-up brushes. Aleppo soap is for everything! The soap is 100% plant-based and has its origin in Aleppo, Syria. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s irritating to my eyes. It takes months to make Aleppo soap so the process may make the substance stronger in time.

  • Sante

Sante naturkosmetik

Just like Aleppo, this soap is functional if you ask me. I use it for my body, face and hands.

  • Dr. Organic

dr. organic

For years I’m using the rose otto skin toner from Dr. Organic. It’s hydrating and gives a beautiful tone in your face.

  • Argan oil

liquid gold

My favorite facial oil! How I love this oil. It works perfectly. It keeps my face soft, moisturized and gives it a glow. No wonder they call this oil: Morrocan liquid gold. During my time in Morocco, the owner of the Air bnb I was renting bought me a bottle of genuine Argan oil. Read my blog about Argan oil VS coconut oil for more information about argan oil. These days I have been using the argan oil of Holland & Barett.

  • Suit Matters

Testing products from Suit Matters

suit matters
Testing a seaweed masque of Suit Matters


I really like the brand Suit Matters. The brand is completely vegan with natural ingredients. I was already familiar with their natural soaps what did the job. It left my skin clean without stripping the natural oil of my body and face.

They’re expanding there collection and I’ve been lucky enough to test some of their serums and facial masques like the one in the picture above. I can tell you that I’ve got a good feeling that their new products are going to be great.

At the moment I’m going to use their cleansing oil and cleansing lotion. A review will follow. Just wait for it.

  • Douglas Naturals facial masque

So now and then I use masques. Mostly when it gets colder cause my skin complex needs extra care that period. I’m a fan of the facial masques of Douglas Naturals different masques with organic argan oil.

I don’t suffer from ichthyosis anymore for years now. As long as I promise myself to hold on to the lifestyle I have. For me, this is proof that we don’t need chemicals (that eventually make you sicker) to heal. Taking chemicals is easy, they work within minutes and you feel good, but it’s poison you put in your body. You may even think it heals you but that’s just mindfuck (sorry for my language). We’re used to taking chemicals but they under press the real problem! With a healthy lifestyle and natural ingredients, you can heal many diseases without getting poison in your system.

My face and legs suffered the most and that is completely not the case anymore! My skin is still very sensitive though, but like I already mentioned. I believe in natural healing and as long as I use natural products, drink enough water and have a healthy balanced diet I stay ichthyosis-free and my skin doesn’t feel dry at all.

When the doctor can’t help you, try to look at alternative ways, do your research! Do you have a skin disorder and what are you doing to heal or stabilize it? Drop a comment below.

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