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FRIYAY! Time for a homemade raw chocolate dip

FRIYAY! Time for a homemade raw chocolate dip

It’s Friday. So it’s time for a homemade raw chocolate dip recipe I made this week since it was so delish! In the meantime no worries, I’m also coming with my last recipe of the raw vegan challenge week so wait for that one! The raw vegan challenge dish of day 6 is on Instagram. To get back on this dip. This one is a keeper and bye bye guilty pleasure cause it’s sort of healthy as well. Lees verder “FRIYAY! Time for a homemade raw chocolate dip”

Late night craving with raw chocolate (video)

Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate rules!

Hard work and late night – till early in the morning – craving with Lovechock raw chocolate.  It feels pretty good to wake up without feeling guilty about what you ate last night :-).

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