Vegan Persian ratatouille tasting

Vegan Persian ratatouille tasting

Ratatouille comes from Nice, France. ‘Rata’ means food and ‘touille’ means stir. So basically it’s stir food, right ;-)? Ratatouille is a typical French veggie dish and I happen to experience a Persian version from Nomad Amsterdam. What did I think of it? Read about it.

Back in the days

I remember years ago as a vegetarian, a guy I was dating, came with ratatouille and I really loved it! I actually haven’t eaten ratatouille anymore since then because it didn’t work out for us… No just kidding. It didn’t work out for us, but that wasn’t the reason I didn’t have ratatouille anymore. I just forgot about the dish during my student time I guess.

Then I was asked to eat a Persian version of ratatouille and of course, I had to think about that date haha. Anyway, this is what I think of it.



The herbs are nothing like what I use in my kitchen. It was overwhelming. My house smelled completely different than the scent of food I’m normally eating, so I had to mentally prepare myself. It’s something I just do when something is not familiar to me. Bf just went for it immediately ;-).

Rice and coconut

There was one thing I dug into right away actually and that was, of course, rice! Oh boy, I love rice. I ate the rice together with the food left on top of the rice bin. At first, I thought oh gosh I smell coconut. I love coconut but it’s pretty weird. I’m not too much of a fan when coconut is in warm dishes. I just switched the button in my head and went for it and yes! I actually loved it! The combination of spices and herbs together did a great job! Bf loved it as well!


The salad is on top of the rice bin on the right. I think it’s a salad since it was cold and it was a meal with vinegar inside. I think it’s cheese, the white striped pieces you’re seeing. It had a very penetrating scent like certain cheeses can be and I almost thought it was real cheese, seriously. That much it tasted like cheese to me. As a vegetarian I really loved cheese. I loved French brie and Dutch old cheese. This was a new experience for me, not really my type of cheese but again. It really tasted like cheese! It was also not bf’s type of cheese but we both agreed that it tasted like real mighty cheese, it’s worth trying for sure, so it’s actually one to trick a carnivore on April Fools’ Day. Keep it in mind ;-). The rest of the salad was really nice and was with couscous, tomatoes, red pepper and spices.

Whole-grain bread with tomato spread

Bf went for the whole-grain bread with tomato spread. Due to too much gluten for me and the fact that I also had the couscous, I made the choice to go for the chocolate pastry next to it. Bf really liked the whole-grain bread with tomato spread and kept saying how delicious it is. Unfortunately, as much as I love bread, my gut needs to watch out for too much gluten.

Chocolate pastry

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Who likes chocolate? Everybody right? Then again, I actually don’t like every chocolate pastry but this one tasted very good. Extra moist taste. A good one to finish the vegan Persian ratatouille.

Nomad Amsterdam 

Nomad Amsterdam
IJdok 87
1013 MM Amsterdam

T: +31 20 776 6173


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