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Vegan Persian ratatouille tasting

Vegan Persian ratatouille tasting

Ratatouille comes from Nice, France. ‘Rata’ means food and ‘touille’ means stir. So basically it’s stir food, right ;-)? Ratatouille is a typical French veggie dish and I happen to experience a Persian version from Nomad Amsterdam. What did I think of it? Read about it.

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Sweet potato beans casserole

Sweet potato beans casserole

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while that there has been a blog post. A lot has happened in my life, which made me choose to work on one social media platform and that is Instagram. I will get into the matter on this blog another time. For now, I have a recipe and if you like sweet potato, corn, and beans like I do then continue reading.

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Raw vegan challenge Day 7 (lemon cheesecake)

Raw vegan challenge Day 7 (lemon cheesecake)

A cheesecake with 100% completely raw ingredients and super healthy to start the day with. One of the recipes had to be a cheesecake because I love cheesecake. Remember my vegan strawberry cheesecake?  I ate a piece of this cake every day without feeling guilty since the ingredients are healthy! My partner was lucky to get one piece ;-). Enough said, dig into the ingredients. Lees verder “Raw vegan challenge Day 7 (lemon cheesecake)”

Behind the scenes (prepping for the Nairobi Fashion Week)

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On 25 November 2016 designer Mariana Zinga showed her collection at the Nairobi Fashion Week in Kenya.

She asked me if I would like to be at the preparation day for the Nairobi Fashion Week. The whole day would be about capturing moments for the fashion week in Kenya. In this blog post I bring you to that day. It was a splendid day of shootings, recording, a video interview with the designer and having a blast of a time at the beautiful Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Lees verder “Behind the scenes (prepping for the Nairobi Fashion Week)”

Het ROOTS PR Event

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Zondag 24 januari was het ROOTS PR event. Het was een event om gekleurde bloggers, vloggers, interessante bedrijven en invloedrijke mensen in de media met elkaar in verbinding te brengen. Ook geïnteresseerden konden dit event bijwonen. Lees verder “Het ROOTS PR Event”