Vegan steak tasting (review)

Vegan steak tasting (review)

Yesterday I went to Veggie Festival in Amsterdam, a 100% plant-based food festival. The interesting part if you ask me was the vegan steak tasting from the brand Vivera.

A couple of days ago the message went viral of the vegan steak from Vivera that you can get at the Albert Heijn at the moment. When I saw the steak at the festival it kind of terrified me since it looked so similar to a meat steak and I’m not familiar with steaks in general.

I was raised typically Surinamese when it comes to food. Steak is not common in the Surinamese kitchen. We ate a lot of chicken and fish and I loved it! I was 10 when I quit eating fish and I was 18 when I quit eating meat. I’m now in my 30’s heading 40. This was officially my steak premiere!

I can hear you thinking: if you’ve never had a steak before how can you do a review about it? It’s a good one. I have eaten cow meat as a child. For example, as a burger or mom used to cut it in little pieces in a way Surinamese people eat it and that’s never rare like with a steak such as in this picture. Rare meat is not something we eat in the Surinamese kitchen. It’s more well done.

Vegan steak Vivera
Vegan steak (bottom)

Anyway, cow meat was never my favorite meat and for that reason, steak never interested me but since I do know how cow meat tastes I will do a review. For what it’s worth… I did do the tasting with my girl, she is a carnivore and a steak lover. She was quite positive about it!


  • It was soft from the inside, like what I hear of rare steak. I’m more of a girl that likes her meat more to well done
  • It had a crust from the outside, what I really liked
  • It had a good bite that was pretty important to me since I like food that’s not savorless
  • The texture looks and feels like meat. That was the creepy part for me

vegan steak

I’m not such a fan of vegan meat that looks like real meat but I do get the psychology behind it. It’s a good way for especially hardcore carnivores to experience something vegan that may look like in this case a steak that they really like or for newly vegans or vegetarians. People that are vegan for a while don’t have the need I think to have vegan meat that truly looks like real meat. So it’s the other way around: for carnivores, it might be comfortable to eat vegan meat that looks like real meat and for herbivores, it’s more comfortable to eat meat that doesn’t look like meat.

I think it’s a good product, I don’t really go for vegan products that look like meat but I’m always happy to see products like this because they are vegan. The outcome will be the same. People are going for a plant-based product and not for eating animals.

I think I would try the vegan steak myself definitely on my next barbecue and I would like to know how others would react!

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Would you try this vegan steak?


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