Vegan sashimi tasting

Vegan sashimi tasting

After I had the vegan steak tasting I thought what product, that looks impossible to veganize, will they veganize now? That’s the sashimi at the Vegan Junkfood Bar and oh boy! It even looked like sashimi! What do I think of it? The answer is here on this blog.

I was 10 years old. The age that I ate fish for the last time. I loved fish though… For 10 years but that were the fishes that are common in the Surinamese kitchen. For that reason, I never tasted sashimi and so it was a completely new experience for me just like the vegan steak tasting. It was the first time I ate steak. Steak is not common in the Surinamese kitchen just like raw fish in this case sashimi.

Just like the vegan steak, I’m doing a review about a product that I can’t compare with the original one. Still, I would like to share my experience with you and I can also mention how other vegan foodies experienced the sashimi tasting. Foodies that experienced the original sashimi before they became vegan.

Vegan sashimi

My experience

Well, it looked like sashimi, the taste was pretty good and I can understand why I hear many people saying that they like sashimi. This product has seaweed and I’m not a seaweed person though. You could already see that on my “Unboxing video Mas Newen“. I think I wouldn’t be a raw fish person if I would eat fish and for that reason, I may go for something else on the menu since they have so many options. For the ones that like raw fish: I see the sashimi as a small bite before you go for one of their burgers ;-). The Vegan Junkfood Bar has different burgers and even a hot dog that’s definitely another level!

Experience of other vegan foodies

The most reactions from others were: Oh it tastes like sashimi, the texture is like sashimi even in the mouth, it looks like sashimi. Some also mentioned that it doesn’t really have that 100% salty fish taste but still, everybody was enjoying. We all agreed, this sashimi is definitely a GO!

Main ingredients sashimi

The vegan sashimi is made of tapioca, bell pepper, water and seaweed. Tapioca is made of cassava root.

Are you curious how the vegan sashimi tastes? You can now experience it at the Vegan Junkfood Bar, location Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam.

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