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Hi everyone, another video with English subtitles.

Because of the 500 followers on Instagram I decided to do a give-away a while ago and two followers won a DIY tropical hair cream. So why tropical? Well… The cream was made with tropical oils from Surinam such as Awara, Tonka, Maripa and Krappa oil.

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LOC method on a twist-out and braid-out (video)

LOC Method

My next vlog!
In this video I’m using the My Honey Child Type 4 cream to lock moisture in my hair. This type 4 cream is from and you can also get it at She Sells ( There is also a type 3 version. I think that one is less heavy than the type 4 one. Lees verder “LOC method on a twist-out and braid-out (video)”

Review Honeybee Gardens (Natural) Lipstick (video)

Review Honeybee Gardens

Seen my preview video on my social media about the Honeybee Gardens Lipstick I have? Well now I have the review all set here!

I got this lipstick from and I love Iherb. They have so many different natural things in food, vitamins, cosmetics etc. Sometimes I can’t even choose! Okay lets get back to the Lipstick. Lees verder “Review Honeybee Gardens (Natural) Lipstick (video)”

Late night craving with raw chocolate (video)

Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate rules!

Hard work and late night – till early in the morning – craving with Lovechock raw chocolate.  It feels pretty good to wake up without feeling guilty about what you ate last night :-).

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5 Quick hair styles with thin twists (video)

Natural hair styles

Vlog over  5 verschillende simpele kapsels met haar dat dun is getwist
It was about that time! Deze video is zoals beloofd in het Engels. Ik moest weer even inkomen met de Engelse taal hoewel ik hoop dat ik mezelf verstaanbaar maak. Veel kijkplezier en reacties zie ik graag tegemoet.

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