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One of my best friends asked me if I wanted to make a vegan carrot cake for her son’s first birthday. Even though it was a while that I made one I told her I could do it and it was well executed! This cake is gluten/sugar-free and vegan. Here is the recipe. Lees verder “GLUTEN/SUGAR-FREE VEGAN CARROT CAKE”


Healthy Vegan Dish #3

Healthy food

The 3rd week of January what means the 3rd healthy vegan dish. I love having this one for breakfast and it may take you just a few minutes to make them. Whole-wheat dinkel banana pancakes. Read here how I made them. Lees verder “Healthy Vegan Dish #3”

Healthy Vegan Dish #2

Healthy Vegan Dish #2

Hello everyone how is January til now? There is something you all don’t know about me. I feel like I’m going back in time and to be specific I would say the year 2014. The year 2014 was the year of baking. I tried baking many cakes plant based and without cane sugar. It wasn’t easy all the time. I’ve noticed that I found my way back in the kitchen more in a way to master the technique of making several dishes plant based and without cane sugar. Dishes that are originally made with meat, fish or eggs.

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Healthy Vegan Dish #1

Healthy Vegan Dish #1


What are your goals this year? My goal: start running again.
If you don’t have a goal yet then I might have one for you and that’s eating healthier.
We eat so much during the holidays that probably isn’t that healthy so I want to share a healthy vegan recipe every Sunday or Monday this January and I’m starting with a vegan soup, inspired by the Surinamese saoto soup.

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Travel vlog Spain and Morocco (video)


My first travel vlog and it’s about Spain and Morocco!

In this vlog you will see different hairstyles, adventure, but also spots were I enjoyed my precious veggie food! So actually you will get to see more of me ;-).
I hope you forgive me for using a vlog camera that didn’t record the quality I’m used recording with. Normally I use my Canon 600D or my Iphone (1080p HD 30 bps or 60 bps) and that really makes a difference.
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